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Artists enjoy coming to work at Tandem Press because it is an experimental facility that gives them the freedom to create new and innovative work with the expertise of the Tandem Press collaborative printmakers available for consultation and guidance. At Tandem Press, they have the opportunity to undertake projects without commercial restrictions, allowing them to explore new ways to expand the work they create in their own studios. Many highly ambitious and widely recognized projects have been completed in our studio including Art Spiegelman’s two-sided lithograph Lead Pipe Sunday #2; Robert Cottingham’s An American Alphabet: A-Z, a series of twenty-six lithographs depicting each letter of the American alphabet through images of classic and neon signs; Mickalene Thomas’s Interior: Zebra with Two Chairs and Funky Fur, a multi-media print composed from fifty elements that were each printed by hand using various materials and printmaking techniques, cut in specific shapes, and collaged together; and Judy Pfaff’s Year of the Dog series, twelve large-scale multilayered prints that feature unique handling of printmaking methods, paper, and collage resulting in organic artworks that intersect the spatial realms of image and object. These projects, along with many other works created at Tandem Press, have been reviewed in respected publications and have been placed in prestigious public and private collections.