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As part of a world renowned research university, Tandem Press holds a unique place in the field of contemporary printmaking.

Research is integral to the mission of Tandem Press and takes on many forms. Since its inception in 1987, Tandem has diligently explored materials and expanded the possibilities of multiple printmaking techniques that have been used by artists and printmakers for centuries. The staff at Tandem Press are fiercely dedicated to researching new methods of printmaking and sharing their discoveries and expertise with collaborative visiting artists, students, guests, and members of the contemporary fine art printmaking community. 

Artists are drawn to work with Tandem Press in part because of its reputation for experimentation and its willingness to undertake highly ambitious print-based projects. Tandem’s professionally trained collaborative printmakers have decades of experience in traditional methods of printmaking (woodcut, etching, lithography) as well as newer techniques (archival inkjet, solar plate etching, polymer plate relief printing). Many of the prints created at Tandem Press incorporate multiple printmaking techniques and/or unconventional materials in highly creative and innovative ways. Through continuing research, Tandem’s collaborative printmakers are able to identify and use the best techniques, equipment, and materials available to achieve the artists’ creative visions and create exceptional printed editions.

In 2019, a generous supporter donated funds for Tandem Press to expand its studio footprint and purchase several new pieces of equipment, including a large format scanner, a laser engraver, and a 3-D printer. With its opening, the Gabriele S. Haberland Printmaking Technology Center has enabled Tandem to further broaden its research capabilities and educational endeavors. As Tandem looks to the future, it will continue in its path to research new printmaking techniques and explore the uses of cutting-edge technology within the print studio to remain a leader in contemporary printmaking and fine art print publishing.