All Things Possible: Celebrating 35 Years of Collaboration at Tandem Press


This book celebrates Tandem Press’s 35th anniversary. Sarah Kirk Hanley wrote an essay for the book outlining how Tandem has continued to prove itself as a leader in the field of contemporary fine art prints. She points out how Tandem has grown since its 25th anniversary and discusses the work of nineteen artists that have collaborated with Tandem Press in recent years.

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232 pages. Hardcover. Published in 2022 by Tandem Press, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Artists included:

Derrick Adams
Richard Bosman
Suzanne Caporael
Robert Cottingham
Lesley Dill
Jeffrey Gibson
Michelle Grabner
Manabu Ikeda
Robert Kelly
David Lynch
Judy Pfaff
Dan Rizzie
Alison Saar
David Shapiro
T.L. Solien
Mickalene Thomas
William Weege