The Prints of Suzanne Caporael


A full-color illustrated catalog of prints Suzanne Caporael has created at Tandem Press, accompanied by an essay written by Edward Leffingwell.

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104 pages. Softcover. Published in 2003.

Artist’s Note:

As an artist, I have always thought of myself as a painter. At least part of that choice is the measure of autonomy and solitude of such a life. This catalog has provided me the opportunity to look back, with some astonishment, at the number of collaborations I have made with Tandem Press. I have had to ask myself how they drew me out of my studio, and into theirs. I believe the answer is the sense of purpose and the rare vitality that is at the core of Tandem Press.

Every day of every visit, I learned something. For me, that is the equivalent of showing up and being showered with gifts. Much of what I learned there has found its way into my paintings, but these gifts of knowledge extended far beyond my own work. They have allowed me to really see into the work of other artists, and for that I am grateful.

– Suzanne Caporael