Robert Cottingham: An American Alphabet A-Z


Published in conjunction with the completion of his series of lithographs, An American Alphabet, this catalog reproduces each letter in vivid color with supplemental text by Robert Cottingham that explains his approach to each image and the stories of inspiration behind his work.

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45 pages. Hardcover. Published in 2012.

Artist’s Note:

I feel a sense of accomplishment, but also of wonder. How did this series come to completion?
If, at its inception, I had been able to look ahead and see the amount of time and effort it would involved, would I have tackled it anyway?
The answer is yes, of course. I began this project with the approach I’ve used to begin all my work: jump in, don’t look too far ahead, and, take it a step, or a letter, at a time.

– Robert Cottingham