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Featuring: Lesley Dill, Jeffrey Gibson, Manabu Ikeda, Robert Kelly, David Lynch, Alison Saar, and T.L. Solien

Featuring: Derrick Adams, Richard Bosman, Suzanne Caporael, Jeffrey Gibson, Manabu Ikeda, and Maser

Featuring: Derrick Adams, Richard Bosman, Suzanne Caporael, Robert Cottingham, Manabu Ikeda, Robert Kelly, Maser, Dan Rizzie, Swoon, and Mickalene Thomas

Featuring: Judy Pfaff, Andy Burgess, Richard Haas, Maser, Alison Saar, and Swoon

Featuring: Lesley Dill, Alison Saar, José Lerma, Suzanne Caporael, Sandra Ramos, Andy Burgess, Bill Rock, and William Weege

Featuring: Robert Cottingham, Jennifer Angus, Richard Bosman, Jim Dine, Michelle Grabner, Manabu Ikeda, Dan Rizzie, and Alison Saar

Featuring: Alison Saar, Maser, Jim Dine, Mickalene Thomas, Judy Pfaff, Suzanne Caporael, Valentina DuBasky, William Weege, and Ikeda Manabu

Featuring: Suzanne Caporael, Judy Pfaff, David Shapiro, Mickalene Thomas, Mickett/Stackhouse, T.L. Solien, José Lerma, Cameron Martin, Jim Dine, Robert Cottingham, and Nicola López

Featuring: Tandem Press Exhibition at the National Art Museum of China, Suzanne Caporael, Benjamin Edwards, Sam Gilliam, Judy Pfaff, Robert Cottingham, and Dennis Nechvatal

Featuring: Richard Bosman, Joan Snyder, Suzanne Caporael, Martha Glowacki, Judy Pfaff, Nicola López, and Robert Cottingham

Featuring: William Weege, Judy Pfaff, Sam Richardson, Nicola López, and Robert Cottingham

Featuring: Sam Gilliam, Judy Pfaff, Suzanne Caporael, Robert Cottingham, David Lynch, David Shapiro, and Dennis Nechvatal

Featuring: Nicola López, José Lerma, Gregory Conniff, Tom Judd, Robert Cottingham, Suzanne Caporael, Benjamin Edwards, Judy Pfaff, and David Lynch

Featuring: Squeak Carnwath, Robert Cottingham, Judy Pfaff, Suzanne Caporael, and Gronk

Featuring: Benjamin Edwards, Gronk, Judy Pfaff, and Sam Gilliam

Featuring: Robert Cottingham, Jim Dine, Judy Pfaff, David Shapiro, and Santi Moix

Featuring: Jim Dine, Cameron Martin, Jane Rosen, Suzanne Caporael, and Ruth Weisberg

Featuring: Sam Gilliam, Robert Yoder, Judy Pfaff, Robert Cottingham, and Jim Dine

Featuring: Benjamin Edwards, Al Held, Cameron Martin, Judy Pfaff, and Suzanne Caporael

Featuring: Suzanne Caporael, Robert Cottingham, Judy Pfaff, and Sam Gilliam

Featuring: Sam Gilliam, David Lynch, Gary Komarin, Gronk, Judy Pfaff, David Klamen, Sam Richardson, and Suzanne Caporael

Featuring: Judy Pfaff, Robert Stackhouse, and Suzanne Caporael

Featuring: Donald Baechler and Sam Gilliam

Featuring: Robert Stackhouse, David Klamen, Suzanne Caporael, and Judy Pfaff

Featuring: Judy Pfaff, Charles Arnoldi, Sam Richardson, David Lynch, Steven Sorman

Featuring: Robert Cottingham, Suzanne Caporael, and David Lynch