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[Read] Ten Years Ago, Artist Jeffrey Gibson Almost Quit the Art World in Frustration. Here’s How He Found the Strength to Keep Striving

Posted on Mar 26, 2020 in News

Jeffrey Gibson in his studio, 2020. Photo: Taylor Dafoe. Courtesy of ArtNet News

Jeffrey Gibson’s work has grown dramatically over the past decade despite a period of frustration he went through during which he questioned his place within the art world. Taylor Dafoe interviewed Jeffrey Gibson for Artnet News about the shifts and changes that Gibson made in his practice in response to that frustration that has also led to his success and continually flourishing career as an artist.

Click to view the article on Artnet News to see photos of Jeffrey Gibson’s studio and to read Dafoe’s conversation with Gibson, providing insight into Jeffrey Gibson’s background, inspirations, and motivations as an artist.

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