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25th Annual Tandem Press Wine Auction.
25th Annual Tandem Press Wine Auction.
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Tandem Press relies on charitable gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations to support our endeavors. We raise 85% of our budget through the sale of the prints that are created in the Tandem Press studio. To supplement this revenue, we also receive 15% of our funding from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, university sponsored grants, and many valued individual supporters. The generous donations received through legacy gifts, the annual Wine & Art Auction fundraising event, and other gifts in support of specific projects make a significant difference in what we are able to achieve. With extraordinary donor support, Tandem Press is able to maintain a margin of excellence within our education, research, and outreach programming as well as our printmaking studio and gallery operations.

Some notable gifts have included naming rights, and we are honored to publicly display our gratitude to the following donors:

Gabriele S. Haberland Graduate Student Printmaking Award for Travel to Europe

Gabriele S. Haberland Printmaking Technology Center

Paula & David Kraemer Print Studio

Tandem Press Apex Gallery

How to Give:

Tax-deductible gifts support many of our educational and outreach programs and special projects. Support Tandem Press by giving to any of the following funds by calling Meg Sensenbrenner at the UW Foundation at 608-308-5504 or by calling our office at 608-263-3437 to speak with Paula Panczenko. Donors can also make a gift by clicking the links below to give online through the UW Foundation’s secure website:

Tandem Press Fund

The Tandem Press Fund, supported by private donors and proceeds of the annual Tandem Press Wine & Art Auction, is used to fund scholarships awarded to graduate students from the UW-Madison Art Department. Students receive tuition remission, a salary, and benefits for an academic year. In most instances, the student works in the studio under the guidance of the collaborative printmakers, however, other opportunities at Tandem Press are also available in the marketing and curatorial areas.

Paula Panczenko Excellence Fund

Interest generated from this endowment provides discretionary support to Tandem Press in order to sustain itself within the School of Education. Funds advance the mission of Tandem Press by offsetting expenditures, such as, but not limited to, infrastructure (i.e., building rent and utilities), salaries, and scholarships. It also enhances and expands outreach, teaching, and educational activities in collaboration with the UW-Madison Art department and other organizations both within and separate from the university.

Tandem Press Graduate Student Fund

Multiple graduate students work at Tandem Press every year. In addition to awarding coveted project assistant positions which include a scholarship, we also offer hourly employment to students. Donations to the Graduate Student Fund enable us to provide funding to these students to cover a portion of their expenses while they are engaged in their studies. Over three hundred students have been supported by this fund.

Tandem Press Special Projects Fund

The Special Projects Fund supports Tandem Press’s audience development programs and special events such as the Friday Jazz Series concerts, performed by students from the UW-Madison Mead Witter School of Music’s Jazz Studies Program. These performances are live streamed by Audio for the Arts and include intermission talks by Tandem artists and staff. The concerts and intermission interviews are also available for viewing through the Tandem Press YouTube Channel.  

Gabriele S. Haberland Fund for Tandem Press

Willy Haeberli, Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, established this fund in honor of his late wife, Gabriele S. Haberland. Gabriele believed in the power of travel to expand a student’s world view and influence their artistic development, and she especially believed that art was best viewed in person rather than as a reproduction or online. Willy created this scholarship in her name so that University of Wisconsin-Madison students could further their studies and experience firsthand the works of Europe’s master printmakers. This fund primarily supports two annual awards of $4,000 each to UW-Madison graduate printmaking students to be used to travel to Europe. Funds are also used to offset some of the expenses of the annual Tandem Press Wine & Art Auction.

Joseph E. Wilfer Memorial Endowment Fund

Joseph Wilfer received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Following his graduation, he founded his own handmade paper mill in rural Dane County, the Upper U.S. Paper Mill, which became an important center for paper research and collaborations as paper rose in prominence as a new medium of graphic expression in the late sixties. In 1976, he was appointed director of the Madison Arts Center, now the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. He moved to New York City a few years later and became the director of publications at Pace Editions in 1981. In 1990, he joined the Tandem Press Advisory Board and played a large role in bringing major artists, including Chuck Close, Robert Stackhouse, and Don Nice, to work at Tandem Press. Following his untimely death in June 1995, the Tandem Press Advisory Board decided to establish an endowment in his name to honor his great legacy and influence within the contemporary world of papermaking and printmaking. This fund supports the residencies of young artists at Tandem Press.

William Weege Endowment Fund

This fund was established to honor William (Bill) Weege, the founder of Tandem Press. Weege received his MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Following the recognition he received early in his career for his printmaking expertise, he was selected in 1970 to direct an experimental printmaking workshop that was organized for the Venice Biennale by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Collection of Fine Arts. He taught printmaking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from 1971 to 1998. During this time, he also founded the Jones Road Print Shop and Stable at his home in Barneveld, Wisconsin where he collaborated with many important artists, most extensively with Alan Shields and Sam Gilliam (the latter of whom he continues to work with today). After his studio suffered severe damage by a tornado in 1984, he reestablished it as Off Jones Road Press in Arena, Wisconsin. In 1987, based on the model of Off Jones Road Press, Weege founded Tandem Press at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where hundreds of students have apprenticed. Weege retired in 1998 to focus on his own artistic career. This fund ensures that we can continue to support talented students who want to apprentice at Tandem Press.